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As a bunch of aware engineers driven by the need to create a difference in the various spheres that affect our living through technology, we at Sasya Veda have developed a high quality powerful mini-transporter, the Mule 250.

A light, fast, cost efficient product, the Mule 250 is powered by a 500 W permanent magnet DC Motor aided by dual 75 Ah lead acid batteries that can be recharged fully within 6 hours. With a volume capacity of 198 L weight of 100 kg and dimensions of 1500x750 mm square, it is able to handle a load capacity of

250 kg at up to 8 kmph for over 8 hours in one go with its 14" off-road wheels.


With the ability to affect overall productivity threefold and reduce other recurring expenses, the Mule 250 the perfect environment loving support Making a product that is as simple as it is functional has been the primary goal; in the attempt to do so, work has gone in on the Mule 250, a no maintenance, eco-friendly and highly productive transporter with the potential to positively influence any sector.

This project aimed at creating a video for Sasya Veda Technologies, a company that deals with electronic devices for the industrial sector. The Mule 250, the product for which the video was made, is an electronic wheelbarrow aimed at being a substitute for the same in the construction sector.

SVT video blueprint
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