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The objective of this project was to create a 2-minute explainer video for

MMA Design, a furniture company based out of India, for their product, Al Shield, an anti-microbial coating that can vanquish 99.999% of bacteria and viruses that come in contact with it.



The flow of the video was planned to begin and end with live-action footages, with the middle comprising an animation segment.

Live-action gave a more relatable feeling while setting context at the start, whereas animation seemed like the apt medium to describe the products functioning.



The script was written in under 300 words so that all necessary content could fit within 2 minutes.

As we look forward to getting back to work amid the on-going pandemic, we are all concerned for our safety at our work places. Traditional methods of sanitization aren't sufficient to protect us from the wide spectrum of microorganisms. They are effective only for a few hours and need repeated application, disrupting normal working environments.

A new way of sanitization and disinfection is needed which is potent enough to prevent the formation of microbes on surfaces for an extended period of time. AI shield is your perfect solution! It uses the active agent, Reactive Saline Quaternary Ammonium Compound (RSQAC), a charged polymer, to form a virtually irremovable coating. When any microorganism comes in contact with the treated surface, Al shield mechanically stabs its cell membrane and then electrocutes it, leaving it completely ineffective.

A single application with a specially designed electrostatic sprayer lasts for few years and keeps treated surfaces safe, preventing any further build-up of microorganisms. The application is done by trained teams and takes a few hours. The curing time required is 24 hours after which normal work can resume. AI Shield also allows for normal housekeeping practices post-application. Its long-term efficiency can be easily tested with an ATP testing machine. The efficacy of the coating is 99.9999% and we offer a 1 year warranty on the effectiveness of the treatment.

The longevity and effectiveness of AI shield makes it ideal for spaces like corporate offices, residential complexes, airports, malls and restaurants. AI shield provides for you a safe setting in today's "new normal" and ensures you a productive life in a protected environment.. Stay safe!



The starting part of the edit explored traditional methods of sanitization and their shortcomings, creating a smooth segue to discuss the product features in animation immediately after. The ending part of the edit explored spaces where the product can be used.



The opening sequence discussed the why aspect of the product while the middle sequence focused on the how part of things. The last sequence before transitioning back into live-action described the what bit of the product, by bringing various statistics on-screen.

Video design for mma
Structure and color pallete
icon used for video design
mma video scripting
Animation process for MMA Website, and final Render
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