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In the heart of a rapidly changing India, one company stands as a beacon of progress, shaping the landscape of the nation with vision, innovation, dedication, and trust. Welcome to the world of Dileep Buildcon Limited, where every project is a testament to our commitment to a better future.
Established in 1987 under the name Dilip Builders by our visionary leader Mr. Dilip Suryavanshi, Dilip Buildcon has evolved into a construction powerhouse with over 27,000 dedicated employees. 
Dilip Buildcon Ltd commenced its journey in 2008 as an Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) company, primarily focusing on road construction in Madhya Pradesh. The initial focus on roads laid the foundation for the company's expertise in infrastructure development. Since then, DBL has now become India's biggest EPC employer and the largest fleet owner of Asia. 
In the last 17 years, DBL  has  successfully built quality infrastructure for various states in the field of roads and highways, railways and metro, airport, mining, irrigation, tunnels, special bridges and urban development. Let's embark on a journey through some of our groundbreaking projects meant to shape the future of our nation.
Bangalore-Chennai Greenfield Expressway, Karnataka:
Part of the monumental Mega Project valued at 17,000 crores, this stretch encompasses 260 kilometres and is a vital component of the Bangalore-Chennai Greenfield Expressway. Aligned with the Indian Government Expressway Mission, this endeavour aims to enhance connectivity and foster economic development. Another integral segment of the expressway, located in Malur, Karnataka, contributes to the ambitious vision of the Indian Government Expressway Mission, ensuring seamless connectivity and progress over its extensive stretch.

Surat Metro Rail Project – Phase-1 and 2, Metro, Surat, Gujarat:
Nestled within the world's largest diamond manufacturing centre, the Surat Metro Rail Project emerges as a transformative mass rapid transit system. Comprising 2 lines and 37 stations, this under-construction project, spearheaded by the Gujarat Metro Rail Corporation, is set to redefine urban connectivity in Surat, the second-largest city in Gujarat.

Indore Metro Rail Project, Metro, Indore, MP:
Linking the strategic points of Indore Airport to the city, the Indore Metro Rail Project is a key development in the rapid transit system. As a critical part of The Indore Metro, Dilip Buildcon's contribution extends to the construction of the Bhopal metro, forming an interconnected web of modern transportation in Madhya Pradesh.

MDO, Siarmal, MCL Mining-MDO, Sundargarh, Odisha, and 6 MDO:
The Siarmal Opencast Mines, a prestigious and colossal project in the country, represents the largest MDO endeavour. Situated in the IB Valley Coalfields in Sundergarh District, Odisha, with a peak rated capacity of 50 MTPA, this project has a 5-year ramping up period. Dilip Buildcon's role as the appointed MDO facilitated the commencement of coal production in May-23. With a contractual duration of 25 years, this MDO initiative holds a total contracted capacity of 1091 million tons.

Pachwara Mining-MDO, Pakur, Jharkhand:
Located in Pakur District, Jharkhand, the Pachhwara Central Coal Mines are designated for captive utilization in the power plants of the Punjab State Power Corporation Limited (PSPCL). Boasting a peak rated capacity of 7 MTPA and extractable reserves totaling 383 million tons, this 55-year contract commenced coal production in September-23. This mining venture plays a pivotal role in reducing fuel costs, minimizing dependency on imported coal, and contributing significantly to cost savings for the state of Punjab. 

Building on its success, the company expanded into the irrigation and dam segment in 2014. This expansion showcased versatility and a willingness to undertake projects in critical water resource management.
Bhadbhut Barrage Irrigation, Gujarat:
Witness the marvel of marine engineering at the Bhadbhut Barrage Mega Project. This joint venture with HCC required expert construction of a 1663 meter long causeway-cum-weir barrage, addressing water needs for drinking, agriculture, and industries in the region. The barrage will create a reservoir holding 599 million cubic meters of fresh water, providing fresh water for drinking, agriculture, and industries in the region.

Navnera Barrage Irrigation, Rajasthan:
Rajasthan's first interlinking of rivers project, the Eastern Rajasthan Canal Project, takes a significant step forward with the Navnera Barrage. Providing drinking water to 40% of the state's population, this project is a lifeline for the people of Rajasthan.
Mardanpur Group Water Supply Project, Madhya Pradesh:
Delivering not just infrastructure but a lifeline. The Mardanpur Group Water Supply Project covers 190 villages where water is pumped into three break pressure tanks, further leading into 132 elevated surface reservoirs at the village level to ensure uninterrupted treated drinking water supply from the River Narmada till 2035. 

DBL which has laid more than 15000 kilometers of roads in the country, in just the last 5 years, is one of the selected companies of central India to be listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange. In the bargain, it enabled the company to continue its growth trajectory by entering the airports segment and expanded its expertise to the rail and metro sector, showcasing a comprehensive approach to transportation infrastructure. Here is a quick look at a few more such impactful projects -
Sahibganj - Ganga Bridge and Manihari Special Bridge, Bihar:
Connectivity redefined! The 6 kilometer long bridge across the Holy River Ganga ensures seamless interstate connectivity between Jharkhand and Bihar. A true engineering marvel reducing the commute from 150 kilometers to just 25.

Zuari Bridge, Goa:
Known as Manohar Setu, the Zuari Bridge in Goa stands as the widest 6-lane cable-stay bridge in India. With a total length of 640 meters, it's a testament to our commitment to creating infrastructure that lasts.

Greenfield Airport at Hirasar, Gujarat:
The Rajkot International Airport, constructed by DBL, is more than just a runway of a staggering 3040 meter length. With a capability to handle widebody aircraft, like Airbus A380, Boeing 747, and Boeing 777, it is a gateway to progress for the region leading to an inauguration by Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself on 27 July 2023.

Churahat Bypass of Rewa Sidhi Section Tunnel, Madhya Pradesh:
Breaking through barriers! DBL's first tunnel project in Rewa showcases unparalleled construction skills that incorporate advanced safety systems and emergency rescue systems. The twin-tube tunnel reduces travel time and improves connectivity for the people.
Rishikesh - Karanprayag Tunnel, Uttarakhand:
Part of the Char Dham railway project, the Rishikesh - Karanprayag tunnel is a testament to expertise. A 6.4 kilometer main tunnel, a 6.3 kilometer escape tunnel, and two major bridges, all contributing to the progress of Uttarakhand.

Pari Bazar-Ram Nagar – Bara Mahal, Bhopal:
A vision for the future! The redevelopment of the Shahjahanabad area in Bhopal promises a vibrant and livable community. The ambitious plans of the Government of Madhya Pradesh (GOMP) include the construction of 460 government housing units, an old age home, and various independent land parcels for private housing and commercial use. This mixed-use development will create a vibrant and livable community while preserving the area's rich heritage.
In order to maintain quality, DBL has created an ideal ecosystem where we purchase raw materials only from India's most trusted and esteemed companies - like IOCL, HP, BKT OTR, CEAT, TATA STEEL, ACC AND BHARAT PETROLEUM. Also, we not only hire the best talent in the country but even increase their potential and abilities through open support work culture. This is why our dedicated team accepts all challenges and provides 100% satisfaction to their clients. 
DBL’s responsibility and sensitivity towards both, their social as well as corporate expectations is right up top. That's why work strategies always aim to meet the highest EHS standards (environment, health and security). DBL regularly organises group plantation drives, fuel monitoring, blood donation camps, road safety awareness drive and free health check-up camps for its employees and common people as well. The company actively fulfilled its social responsibility during COVID by doing multiple social services.

As of today, DBL is one of India’s fastest growing construction companies, and has set an incredible record of completing 90% of their allocated projects before time, with complete client satisfaction with their innovative approach, self-sustainable ecosystem, quality assurance and complete transparency. DBL, which has provided its services in 20 states of the country, is now looking to expand internationally, accepting every challenge, creating success in every struggle and creating the possibilities after every success...
Throughout its growth journey, Dilip Buildcon Ltd has displayed a dynamic and strategic approach, diversifying both in terms of segments and geographical locations. The company's ability to adapt to changing market demands and undertake projects across various infrastructure sectors positions it as a prominent player in the Indian construction and engineering industry.
Dileep Buildcon Limited, a name synonymous with progress, innovation, and trust. Our dedicated team has turned challenges into triumphs, showcasing efficient management and cutting-edge technology in every project. As we witness the changing landscape of India, Dileep Buildcon stands tall, building the foundations of a better tomorrow. 
Investor pitch marketing video
Dilip Buildcon, one of India’s leading construction powerhouse, required a montage video with all their latest projects captured in one place, with the objective of using it as a compelling argument for investments and a celebratory showcase for its entire organization.
The expectation was to deploy a crew of 8-10 videographers across India, to capture visuals and footages of every single site, followed by editing and animating it all to create an informative and detailed output about each project and the grander impact of the company. 
The following is a snippet from the script. The overall video, which was a composition of ove 15 projects was eventually 12 minutes long. This part of the script was the introductory section in particular -
Here’s a little bit on how each of the projects was talked about -

Overall, the font and style was bare minimum with only key numbers and pointers flashing on-screen. With the kind of opulent footage available for each project, it only felt right to focus all of the viewer’s attention on just that -

The idea was to mix up the projects with bytes of interviews from the key stakeholders of the organization, just to break monotony. In the process, the overall flow was largely split into the following sections - 
Having used high-end equipment, including drones, for a majority of the projects across the whole country, here are some snippets of the visuals -

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