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The Transformative Power of Teaching: A Journey of Learning and Growth

Updated: Mar 4

the feynman technique

Right from my school days, I've enjoyed the practice of revising my content by explaining it to and discussing it with other peeps. Lol this habit continued into college, where the price for a quick class right before the sessionals/exams used to be a ciggy; by the end of the hour, the room would be filled with smoke, and hopefully, our heads with what we intended to learn. The point being, teaching is a transformative experience that can propel our understanding to new heights. Seneca, the Roman philosopher said,

"While we teach, we learn.”

When we teach, we break down complex ideas into digestible morsels, forcing us to clarify our own understanding. This process reinforces our learning and enhances our retention. Moreover, it actively engages us in the learning process as we adapt our explanations to suit the needs and learning styles of our audience. This adaptability challenges us to approach the topic from various angles, fostering creativity and critical thinking.

Teaching also acts as a mirror, reflecting our own knowledge gaps. When folks ask questions or challenge our explanations, we are prompted to reassess our understanding. This process unveils areas where we may lack expertise or require further exploration, something defined by Richard Feynman in a technique he used to master his subject matter.

In the grand tapestry of personal and professional growth, teaching stands as an architect of both confidence and expertise. Through sharing knowledge, we not only solidify our own grasp on a subject but also instill within ourselves a continuous appetite for learning. The role of a teacher propels us into the realm of lifelong learners, where each session of imparting knowledge serves as an opportunity to expand our intellectual capacities.

Ultimately, teaching is a process that builds both confidence and expertise. Through teaching, we become lifelong learners, continuously expanding our intellectual capacities.

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