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Writing a Product Explainer Video: Tips to Compose the Perfect Product Pitch

Updated: Jul 3

In the attention-grabbing sprint of online marketing, product explainer videos are the Usain Bolts of engagement. But just like Bolt needs a structured training plan, your explainer videos need a clear narrative architecture to win the race for conversions. And what better framework than the problem-solution structure to capture hearts and close deals?

Approaching a product video script

This tried-and-tested approach puts your audience's pain points front and center, then positions your product as the glorious knight in shining armor. It's storytelling for commerce, a symphony of relatable struggles and transformative solutions. But writing a winning script, weaving emotion with information, requires strategic precision. So, let's unpack the problem-solution structure and discover how to craft an explainer video that lingers in minds and leads to overflowing shopping carts.

The Five Steps down the Structure for writing Product Explainer Videos

Structure of the script

Step 1: Dive into the Deep End of Pain

Imagine your audience. They're drowning in a sea of deadlines, juggling to-do lists like circus acrobats, and feeling the crushing weight of disorganization. Your video's opening is a life raft. In 50 gripping words, paint a vivid picture of their struggles. Use clear, relatable language that resonates with their emotions.

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Step 2: Enter the Hero, Your Product

With your audience gasping for air, introduce your product as the superhero they've been waiting for. In 40 impactful words, position your brand as the answer to their prayers. Don't just throw out the product name; reveal its purpose, hint at its transformative power. Make it a grand entrance, a beacon of hope in the storm.

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Step 3: The Punchline of Progress

Now, dive deeper into the solution. Explain why your product is the knight in shining armor, not just a cardboard cutout. In 50 punchy words, craft a memorable statement that encapsulates your product's unique value proposition. Make it clear, concise, and pack a punch. This is your brand's elevator pitch in video form.

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Step 4: Features - The Arsenal of Awesomeness

It's time to showcase your product's arsenal. In 60 informative words, highlight 3-4 key features that directly address the pain points you outlined in the beginning. Keep it focused, specific, and emphasize how each feature solves a problem. This is where you turn technical specifications into tangible benefits.

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Step 5: The Triumphant Call to Action

The video's finale needs to be a call to arms, a triumphant trumpet sounding the charge towards a better, more organized future. In 40 clear words, tell your audience exactly what you want them to do next. Offer a compelling incentive, a free trial, a discount, or simply the promise of a calmer, more productive life. This is where you tie the emotional thread back to the initial pain point, reminding them of the transformation your product offers.

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Bonus Tip: Brand Recognition Double Whammy:

Remember, brand recognition is key. So, strategically place your brand name or logo not just in the Reveal section, but also in the Call to Action. This subtle repetition reinforces your message and leaves a lasting impression.

Using the Structure in an Actual Video

Here's the script structure in action for one our clients, Nestor Tech -

narrative flow

Master the problem-solution structure, and your product explainer videos will transform from pixelated pleas to persuasive powerhouses. By diving deep into your audience's pain points, positioning your product as the hero, and unleashing its arsenal of features, you'll craft narratives that capture hearts and convert viewers into loyal customers. So, grab your metaphorical pen, embrace the power of storytelling, and get ready to write explainer videos that not only sell, but inspire. Remember, with the right structure and a touch of emotional alchemy, your videos can become the key to unlocking the door to a world of brand recognition, customer loyalty, and skyrocketing sales. 

Now go forth and conquer the digital battlefield, one persuasive explainer video at a time! Get a further deep dive into the same, with a lot more examples in the following video, along with tips on how to use AI for script creation -

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