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Ultimate Video Transcription Hack: Executing Seamless and Cost-Efficient Transcriptions

Updated: 7 days ago

As part of my work in building explainer video scripts and creating product videos, transcription plays a significant role. In the bargain, I regularly exhaust my monthly quota of free minutes with AI-powered tools like Transkriptor and Aurisai (which are great by the way), and eventually have to resort to manual labour.

That was until I stumbled upon this incredible hack, courtesy of Philip Ebiner from So, the next time you find yourself needing a video transcription, give this method a try! It's a solid combination of YouTube's automatic captions and the transcription capabilities of ChatGPT (feels super obvious now that you know it, but epic nonetheless).

Step 1: Upload the video you want to transcribe onto YouTube.

Step 2: Finish all formalities related to the upload and Save it.

Step 3: Once the video is uploaded, click on Subtitles, select English and confirm.

Step 4: Click on Add to create the captions.

Step 5: Choose Auto-sync and then Publish it to automatically generate captions.

Step 6: Click on Duplicate and Edit to see the auto-generated captions. Copy all of it.

Step 7: Paste it all on ChatGPT, and ask it to fix the grammar and punctuation.

Step 8: Paste it back and Publish, or do whatever you wanted to with your transcription.

Give it a go, and let me know how it works out for you! Happy transcribing!

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