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The Art of Timely Excellence: Mastering Efficiency in Work Delivery

Updated: Mar 4

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This is a technique that has forever worked for me over the years.

Finish a 30-minute gig in 20 and make it look like it took 25.

May sound a little shady, but here's why adopting something like this can help you -

Skill Development: The pursuit of completing tasks in shorter timeframes encourages you to refine your skills, increase productivity, and take up more projects. It also reflects positively on your time management skills and work ethic.

Managing Expectations: Delivering the work slightly earlier than expected can be seen as a pleasant surprise for clients without creating unrealistic expectations for future tasks. This enhances client satisfaction and leads to better relationships for future collaborations.

Perceived Realism: Completing a task in 20 minutes might seem too perfect or unrealistic to some clients, potentially raising doubts about the quality of the work. Presenting the work as completed in 25 minutes strikes a balance between impressive efficiency and perceived realism.

Buffer for Review: By submitting the work in 25 minutes, you allow some buffer time for reviewing the work and addressing any last-minute changes. Submitting the work in 20 minutes itself will increase the buffer too much though, leaving more time for potential new feedback or alterations.

Striking a balance with a 25-minute submission time showcases effective time management and dedication to delivering a well-crafted product, while still allowing room for fine-tuning before finalizing the deliverable. So, next time you get a gig your way, look to adopt this principle and see how it works wonders for you in your hustle!

Strive till you master the balance between practice and package.

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